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Bluegrass Farmer's Market at AZUR

The Bluegrass Farmer's Market at AZUR is part of the largest 100% grower/producer market in Lexington. Visit our original location on Richmond Rd too!

Open Saturdays 9am to 2pm and Thursdays 3pm to 6pm

Welcome to Bluegrass Farmers' Market, We are the largest 100% homegrown/produced farmers' market providing locally grown products in Lexington, Kentucky. What sets us apart from other markets in the region is the fact that we don't import our produce from far-away places, so our vegetables and fruit are usually picked the day before you buy them.

All of our vendors are members of the Kentucky Proud program, offering a wide assortment of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruit, not to mention farm-fresh eggs, grass fed beef, lamb, cheese products, goat, herb seasoning mixes, free-range chicken, rabbit, local honey, jams, soaps, and bedding plants. Shopping at Bluegrass Farmers' Market guarantees that you'll find excellent quality products and help the environment at the same time by reducing your carbon footprint.

You can find us at 3450 Richmond Road, located in the parking lot in front of Pedal the Planet and FastSigns. We are also at Azur Restaurant and Patio, 3070 Lakecrest Circle in the Beaumont Centre. There's plenty of convenient parking available, including wheelchair and stroller accessible, pet friendly, and it's always FREE! 

Stop by and see for yourself what a difference fresh, 100% locally grown/produced products can make!

Azur Farmer's Bazaar

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